Mengetahui ekspresi harian dalam bahasa Inggris memudahkan kita dalam bercakap-cakap dalam bahasa Inggris. Oleh karena itu saya akan merangkum berbagai ungkapan atau ekspresi yang biasa kita ucapkan dalam keseharian.

Tulisan ini berdasarkan spirit tokowafeeq yaitu menjual berbagai alat pendidikan anak, misalnya flash disk Bimbelbee, Quipper Video Bimbel Online, dan lainnya. Tulisan kali ini adalah mengenai salah satu pembelajaran di sekolah yaitu bahasa Inggris.

Untuk mahir dalam conversation, maka kita harus mengenal dan menguasai berbagai jenis frase atau ungkapan dalam bahasa Inggris. Mudah-mudahan kumpulan contoh ekspresi dalam bahasa Inggris ini bermanfaat bagi pembaca setia blog

Contoh Ekspresi Harian Dalam Bahasa Inggris


Hi guys
Good morning
How are you?

ungkapan greetings


Enjoy your day
See you tomorrow
Take care
Bye, have a nice day

Getting the attention

Listen to me
Pay attention ...
I have a question for you
So now, listen to ...

Telling anyone to do something

Can you repeat, please?
Please, open your book.
Go to the bed room.
Raise your hand to answer.
Stand up, please.
Sit down
Speak louder, please
Speak more slowly
Shut up!
Can you spell it?


You're right
Well done!
Good job
Great job
Go ahead
Go on

ekspresi ungkapan encouraging

Checking someone understanding

Do you understand me?
Is it clear?
Is this right?
Is this ok?
Are you ready?

Asking for permission

Can I go to the toilet?
Can I use a dictionary?
Can I borrow your paper?
Can you lend me your pen?

Talking about good ideas

That's a great idea.
Good idea!
What a great idea!
I think that's a fantastic idea.


What a surprise!
You're kidding!
Are you serious?
I don't believe it!
I'm speechless!
I'd never have guessed.

Showing concern

What's the matter?
Are you alright?
You look a bit down.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Do you need a shoulder to cry on?
What's up with you?

Saying you don't know

Sorry. I don't know.
I've no idea.
Sorry. I can't help you there.
I don't know anything about ... (something).
I haven't got a clue.

Saying things are good

It's great
It's fantastic
It's excellent
It's better than average.
It's not bad.
I'd recommend it.

Saying something is difficult

It's a bit tricky.
It's not so easy.
It's quite tough at times.
It isn't a walk in the park.

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